* To follow CCHS baseball games live via the GameChanger website:

Click on the following link and choose the game you wish to view:

Once our games begin, you will be able to select it on the screen.
You will then be able to track us pitch-by-pitch and inning-by-inning.

* Please understand that our games don't always start at their scheduled time. On many occasions, other teams are playing ahead of us and cause our games to be delayed. The iScore broadcast will begin as soon as the first pitch is thrown.

* All 2014 and 2015 games can be replayed on the iScore website. Simply follow the directions above and choose the game you'd like to replay.

* To follow CCHS baseball games live via the iScore Central app:

Head over to our mobile website and follow the directions. The app is formatted to work with phones and tablets. If you'd like to view our games on your computer, simply follow the link above to follow them on the iScore website.

* CCHS Mobile Website:


If you have any questions concerning iScore, please contact Brian Millican: